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EarBrite™ Water Powered Ear Cleaner (Black)

EarBrite™ Water Powered Ear Cleaner (Black)

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  • Exclusive LED Screen Display Water Temperature to Ensure A Safe Cleaning: The LED screen on the EarBrite ear irrigator displays the water temperature, allowing you to ensure it's within the optimal range of 95-103°F before use. This helps to protect your delicate ear canal from any potential damage.
  • Innovative Flared Design To Prevent Over Insertion: The Earbrite Ear Wax Cleaner features a flared design that prevents over-insertion and protects your delicate ear canals. The unique Tri-stream tip design of the earigator delivers a gentle shower-like spray for effective cleaning while keeping your eardrums intact.
  • Customizable Tri-stream Water Pressure To Fit Your Preference: With four different water pressure and mode settings, including Low, Medium, High, and Flush, you can choose the perfect setting to suit your needs. Plus, with the 3-minute Auto Off function, you will not worry about accidentally leaving the ear cleaning machine on.
  • IPX7 Waterproof For Using In Shower: The Earbrite ear washer kit is rechargeable and shower-safe, rated IPX7 waterproof for well use in the shower or bath. You can even submerge the ear flush device up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes without damaging the device.
  • One Year Warranty, A Peace of Mind: We've got you covered! Enjoy peace of mind with our one-year warranty and friendly customer service. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and support to ensure your satisfaction. Join our community and experience the Earbrite difference today!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
No more Qtips

Works great no more jabbing ears with Qtips. I would recommend this product

Great product — my ears never felt cleaner

This item is a must-have if you’re simply tired of pushing around earwax with Q-tips and never feeling like your ears are clean.

This ear cleaner is easy to use, lightweight, and just plain works! It took me about one minute to figure everything out and get it running. I will say to make sure you’re over a sink or in the shower because the water flows right back out and no one wants to slip on waxy water.

I do wish the water reservoir was slightly larger, as I had to refill it between ears. But it’s fine — only takes about two seconds to fill.

The results are great. My ears felt cleaner and for once I wasn’t saying “huh?” fifteen times after my wife asked me what I wanted for dinner. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s a big investment up front but think of how much you’ll save on Q-tips. And as a bonus, I no longer think I need hearing aids. Excellent product!

Lark Chambers

My husband and I both tried this because we’re obsessed with ear cleaning tools! Happy to say that we both enjoyed it! If we weren’t so particular about having clean ears it would be awesome to see what all you could get to come out! The water pressure isn’t too hard to where it hurts, which I was worried about. It kind of feels like an inner ear massage! It’s super easy to use and comes with extra ear tips which is great! Overall, very happy with my purchase and excited to continue using this product!

Caroline l
My ears are happy

I'm so glad that this ear cleaner works for my whole family , infant to adulthood, the first suction helps my kids then I use level 3 :)! You just fill up the reservoir so no hook up needed. Its great

AMAZING product!

This is awesome! I have always suffered from excessive earwax my whole life and never used anything that got the wax out instead of pushing it further in! Sometimes there’s so much against my eardrum it’s hard to hear! Thankfully this thing solved that issue. It worked so well to get the wax out and I can finally hear 100%! I am so happy I tried this out because now I have fully functioning ears🤣